If fashion is your thing, PUMP! is the brand for you. Based in Montréal, PUMP! incorporates sporty aesthetics with a fun fashion sensibility in its underwear design. Focused on fabric innovation, PUMP! prides itself on creating underwear that is naturally comfortable and highly durable.

PUMP! Underwear is made in boxer brief, brief and jockstrap styles but the brand’s designs and stylistic decisions are in no way limited. With color choices usually revolving around striking reds with contrasting whites and popping blacks, PUMP! Underwear stands out amongst the crowd. Their prominent use of bold, eye-catching color contrasts sets them apart from other, more generic, underwear designs and styles.

PUMP! Underwear brand defies limits, not only in its design, color choice and look but also in its use of fabric. PUMP! prides itself on choosing fabric carefully, and often has custom fabric made for their underwear, specifically. Being a somewhat sporty brand, PUMP! believes their underwear should “feel natural and comfortable yet also be durable and of the highest quality.” PUMP! is well known for such innovative and comfortable fabric choices, often utilizing soft, yet durable and long lasting mesh.

Just because we do not have a red carpet and glittering reflector lights doesn’t mean we can’t announce 2017 winners / bestsellers. for the third time in a row congratulates and rewards all participants in the underwear industry who with their creativity, innovation and dedications are doing little miracles. We all know that we can tell a lot about the person from his underwear

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