If fashion is your thing, PUMP! is the brand for you. Based in Montréal, PUMP! incorporates sporty aesthetics with a fun fashion sensibility in its underwear design. Focused on fabric innovation, PUMP! prides itself on creating underwear that is naturally comfortable and highly durable. PUMP! Underwear is made in boxer brief, brief and jockstrap styles but… Continue reading ADDICKTS BEST SELLING BRAND OF 2017

Are the streets safe for LGBT people?

Are the streets safe for LGBT people? Sure, it may not be a look we’d go for, but hardly deserving of the shoves, “fucking faggots,” and 50-other-plus instances of harassment he endured on his trek. NYPD could use more officers like Michael Hance whose heroic life ended way too soon.   Deleted

Homophobia social experiment

What would you do if you saw homophobiac bullying happen in public? Would you react or get involved? In this social experiment, Julius Dein goes out on the streets of London to test people’s reactions to homophobia. Deleted

Shape History

Shape History, a social change company, conducted an experiment with George Hankers, a man who is living with HIV in London. HIV+ activist Hankers was blindfolded in Trafalgar Square with a sign saying ‘I’M HIV+’ in big, bold letters. The blindfold is a metaphor for the difficulties that he sometimes faces. People were given the… Continue reading Shape History

Powerful Statement

Finish man named Janne, HIV positive, has taken another step towards raising awareness of what it feels like to live with HIV. And what a powerful statement it is. Janne stood with his eyes closed in the city center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. He had two signs on both sides — one in… Continue reading Powerful Statement